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The most natural gait pattern

The Walkbot® is designed to provide the most natural kinematic and kinetic gait patterns, which helps patients with acute or chronic stroke, spinal cord injury or any gait related impairments to relearn the optimal locomotor pattern in order to accelerate faster recovery during the initial rehabilitation phase.

Automatic Leg Length Control

This brilliant automatic leg length adjustment system provides unlimited and patient-specific gait pattern and reduces time consuming of preparation process that leads to more cost-effective operation.

"Re-Walking for Perfection"

  • Real-time Dynamic Body Support

  • 3D Augmented Reality with 42” LCD display

  • Interactive Training Mode improves patient’s free-will into rehabilitation

  • 3D Motion Simulation Gait Pattern Analysis

  • Force Plate

Walkbot gives you the hope and conviction that you are able to walk again

Walkbot - Premium / G / S

Walkbot K

Make a special treatment to children

walkbot k

World Best Robot Gait Training System