It gives you the hope and conviction that you will be able to walk again

A gait training robot,  WALKBOT will turn your conviction into reality

WALKBOT was developed by Korean experts in the fields of automation equipment development and system production. They have most advanced technological skills in Korea.

WALKBOT, world’s first advanced gait training robot, is born through the technology innovation and specialized research development for the development of rehabilitation medicine and intelligent robot utilization industry.

A robot, exoskeleton walking device, used for the rehabilitation of humans to improve their quality of life is more valuable than a robot used for production.

WALKBOT will encourage patients to have a will to rehabilitate and germinate a hope for walking again for the patients who are fighting against paralysis due to accidents, their families and therapists who are devoted to their treatment We will do our best to be an important part for the development of Korean industries through continuous R&D, sincere attitude to serve customers, and domestic development and export based on the core automation technology needed by the medical field.

Thank you.